Re-imagining banking with ENBD

Rebuild a unified visual system for online banking mobile and web for one of the largest and most innovative banks in the middle east.



A bank trusted by millions re-born through upgraded customer experience and a design that exceeds the standards of the digital age. Innovative design that makes banking solutions stand out from competitors. Reduced visual noise allows end-users’ fast and elegant focus on core financial data.

Our team built the new mobile app design system to deliver an efficient and intuitive mobile banking experience that prioritizes availability, security, and ease. Delivering features normally only seen in-branch, the new ENBD  Mobile Banking app is one of the most complete banking solutions in the market.

Over time, the platform will host many more products and services. Cutting-edge capabilities allow these new services to be developed and rolled out in just weeks — not months.

Financial, banking
Design tranformation
Design thinking, Product management, Service design, UI / UX
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