Re-imagining and designing Abu Dhabi Investment services, to educate and attract investors and costumers

Identify moments that matter.



SquadX Partnered with The Abu Dhabi Investment Office to transform its platform to better reflect its mission, services, and premium positioning.

Governmental Services
Innovation, product build & implementation, Digital roadmap definition
Strategy. Design thinking, Benchmarking, Service design, UI / UX, Visual Design, Product Development

We benchmarked leading countries to compare and contrast key elements.

We use an evidence-based process to identify business goals and core customer pain-points. This provides a baseline “as is” state against which the phases of service unfold.


1. Deep understanding of the relevant actors & customers.

We frame the opportunity around human impact (the needs of customers and colleagues, and business goals and benefits) as a result of a new service or to enhance an existing service.

2. Identify moments
that matter.

Created a shareable view of the end-to-end experience to facilitate decisions and guide around how we best deliver more value to customers and the business.

3. Envision the future states and ideate new solutions.

We used workshop techniques to quickly generate and co-create user validated ideas and concepts. By harnessing highly diverse participants and respective mind-sets we can encourage dialectic thinking that can rapidly and rigorously test our ideas before adding further fidelity.

We prototyped, designed, built, tested, launched, and optimized.

Our commitment to continual improvement extends beyond the design process. We continue to test, observe, learn and iterate our services and experiences.

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